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Let's face it, business finance can be boring but it's actually an integral part of your success story. 

Every business or school has a story, and every story has its challenges. Whether it's the need for new equipment or the desire to expand, or to save costs, finance often becomes a pivotal chapter in that story.

So, why work with ELS?

Imagine having a dedicated guide by your side, someone who understands the intricate paths of business finance. With ELS, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a partner. A partner who opens doors to a world of financial products tailored for your business or School.  For us ELS means...  Enquire. Listen. Solve.

Dedicated Account Manager
Quick, easy & simple to understand application process
Transparent pricing & quoting
Access to variety of financial products to suit your needs

Why not try our ELS business finance calculator to get an idea of your monthly payments?

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*For illustration purposes only.  This is not an offer or quote for business finance. if you are new start business or educational / local authority entity these guidelines rates are not applicable.  Please contact us direct for a quote. 


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The Right Business Finance, Tailored for You

Your business is unique, so why settle for a finance solution that treats you like everyone else? 

While many competitors opt for a one-size-fits-all approach, at ELS, finance solutions are not about fitting your business into a pre-designed box. It’s about crafting a box that’s shaped precisely for your business. 

This is not just about finance; it’s about understanding your world as well as you do. From the nuanced world of equipment leasing to the corridors of education funding; from the fast-paced realm of technology to the green solutions of energy efficiency; and into the complex territories of corporate tax and VAT funding.

Business Finance on LED Lighting for Business & Schools

LED Lighting

 for Business & Schools

Business Finance for Energy / Renewables for Business & Schools

Energy / Renewables for Business & Schools

Business Finance, Funding and Cashflow

Business Finance,

Funding & Cashflow

Business Finance for Equipment & Business Technology Leasing

Equipment & Business Technology Leasing

Stuart McKee


"Unlock your Potential,

not your capital."


Customers served! 380 + DEALS PAID OUT
Customers served! £ 380 TOTAL FINANCED
Customers served! + 380 % ASSET FINANCE GROWTH

What our clients say

ELS and their team are very professional and always deliver the best advice and the right solutions to finance our coffee machines and hot taps to our end users. 

Mark McDermott

Really pleased. 

Stuart has a keen focus on offering excellent customer service. 


ELS has been really helpful in arranging finance solutions for our business!

A pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend.

Marcus Alexander


Primary School

  • Location: Co. Antrim
  • Deposit: No Upfront Cost
  • Asset: LED Lighting

This cross-community grammar primary school embarked on an ambitious project to slash energy costs and boost sustainability. By installing state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting, the school achieved a remarkable improvement in light quality, cut lighting costs significantly, and is set to reduce carbon emissions by 336 tonnes over five years. This remarkable initiative, reducing electricity use for lighting, translates to over £24,000 of annual energy savings. They worked closely with ELS and the lighting provider, we tailored a 7-year agreement ensuring financial positivity throughout its term.

Electricity Reduction
Reduction in Carbon Emissions: 336 tonnes
Current Progress
Current Progress
Reduction in Carbon Emissions
10 Year Savings: £310,655
Current Progress
Current Progress
Reduction in Carbon Emissions
Lease Finance for customers - catering and hospitality equipment
Lease Finance for Customers - LED Lighting Projects for Business & Schools
Lease finance for customers - Office, Technology & Computer equipment
Lease Finance for customers - Coffee & Shop Equipment


Multi Academy Trust

  • Location: Manchester
  • Deposit: No Upfront Cost
  • Asset: LED Lighting

This school trust, encompassing four environmentally conscious schools, committed to enhancing their sustainability while enriching the learning environment. Driven by the goal to minimise their carbon footprint and energy usage, the trust invested in an LED lighting upgrade across all schools, executed with minimal disruption. This strategic move not only improved lighting quality but also achieved a remarkable 63% reduction in lighting costs, translating to £251,005 in savings over a decade. Furthermore, this initiative significantly cut carbon emissions by 560 tonnes, showcasing the trust's dedication to environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

Cost Reduction
Reduction in Carbon Emissions: 560 tonnes
Current Progress
Current Progress
Reduction in Carbon Emissions
10 Year Savings: £251,005
Current Progress
Current Progress
Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Need immediate business finance help?

In business, timing can be everything.  The team at ELS are ready to help your business if you need quick answers and a fast turnaround. 

Simply complete our form by clicking the button below or call us now on 0116 389 3839

Business Finance Solutions from ELS
Geraldine Kilkelly

Head Of Research And Chief Economist At The FLA

“Further double-digit growth in asset finance new business in August was driven by strong performances by the vehicle finance sectors. The rebound in new lending provided to large businesses continued, increasing by 53% compared with August 2022, while new lending to SMEs grew by 4%.”

“FLA asset finance providers remain cautiously optimistic about future growth prospects with almost three-quarter of respondents to the Q3 2023 Industry Outlook Survey expecting some increase in new business over the next twelve months.”


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A charity dedicated to supporting children and young people with disabilities. Through the Menphys Sport Club, we are able to contribute to creating inclusive sporting opportunities for all.

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Supporting individuals with mental health challenges. Lamp’s Business Club allows us to contribute to a cause that’s close to our hearts, ensuring that everyone has the support they need to overcome mental health issues.

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