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Unlocking Potential, Not Your Capital

In a world where finance and funding challenges can seem like insurmountable obstacles, ELS was founded to be the solution. We exist to unravel the complexities of business finance, turning those challenges into stepping stones for your growth.

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Our Expert Team

ELS Founder & Director - Stuart Mckee


Stuart McKee

Finance Manager


Kerry McKee


Gail Goulding

Tim Stimpson - Business Consultant at ELS


Tim Stimpson


Andy Burton

Graeme Mckee - Head of Marketing


Graeme McKee


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Mascot Showdown!

We're pleased to announce that after a tough competition we have a new company mascot....


Our Founder, Stuart, tried his best but fell at the final hurdle. A huge welcome to Ziggy, the new top dog at ELS!

ELS Mascot Competition

We are proud supporters & members of the Lamp Mental Health Project & Menphys Sporting Opportunites for Children & Young Disabled

ELS: A Response to Complexity

When Stuart McKee, with over 20 years of industry experience, founded ELS, he had one clear mission: to solve the most intricate business finance and funding challenges that education, local authorities and companies face. It was this vision that gave birth to ELS, and it is this vision that continues to drive every interaction with our clients.

Your Business, Your Solutions

At ELS, finance solutions are designed to be as dynamic and unique as the businesses they serve, mirroring your ambitions and scaling with your growth. This is just a few of the areas our expert team cover:                                       

So, Why Should You Work With ELS For Leasing & Finance?

ELS has been the strategic partner behind countless success stories, each one a testament to our ability to turn complex financial challenges into clear, actionable solutions.

The relationships that we have built with the largest funders in the UK give you unparalled access to a host of flexible business finance solutions that can bring the growth, sustainability and success to your business or school.  

Why not try our ELS finance calculator to get an idea of your monthly payments?

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*For illustration purposes only.  This is not an offer or quote for finance. if you are new start business or educational / local authority entity these guidelines rates are not applicable.  Please contact us direct for a quote. 

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ELS: Supporting Our Community

Sports provisions for young people with disabilities

A charity dedicated to supporting children and young people with disabilities. Through the Menphys Sport Club, we are able to contribute to creating inclusive sporting opportunities for all.

Supporters of Lamp Business Club
Passionate about mental health

Supporting individuals with mental health challenges. Lamp’s Business Club allows us to contribute to a cause that’s close to our hearts, ensuring that everyone has the support they need to overcome mental health issues.

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