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Welcome to the world where quality meets affordability in catering and hospitality equipment leasing. Get the equipment you need without straining your budget.

Why Choose Our Catering Equipment Leasing Solutions?

  • Ease Cash Flow: Keep your reserves intact while acquiring state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Tax-Efficient: Leasing can be offset against taxable profits, saving you money.
  • Flexible Terms: Tailored leasing agreements to suit your business needs.
  • Upgrade Anytime: Stay ahead with the latest equipment through our flexible upgrade options.

Why not try our ELS finance calculator to get an idea of your monthly payments?

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*For illustration purposes only.  This is not an offer or quote for finance. if you are new start business or educational / local authority entity these guidelines rates are not applicable.  Please contact us direct for a quote. 


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Catering Equipment Leasing
Catering Equipment Leasing
Catering Equipment Leasing
Catering Equipment Leasing
Catering Equipment Leasing

What Catering & Hospitality Equipment can we finance?

  • Commercial kitchen appliances
  • Refrigeration units and freezers
  • Cooking ranges and ovens
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Restaurant, Hotel & Bar Equipment
  • And much, much more.

Simple and Quick Leasing Process

Catrering and Hospitality businesses can enjoy several advantages when it comes to equipment leasing, that’s what makes this type of finance particularly attractive and it's suitable for businesses of all sizes. Here's the typical process... 

Choose Your Equipment

Select from a wide range of catering and hospitality equipment.

Get a Custom Quote

Fill out our easy form or call us for a personalised leasing plan.

Fast Approval

We work swiftly to get your application approved so you get your equipment.

Ready to Upgrade Your Catering & Hospitality Equipment?

Whether you need commercial kitchen appliances, refrigeration units, cooking ranges, laundry equipment, or comprehensive solutions for your restaurant, hotel, or bar, we have the leasing options to fit your needs.

Contact us now to explore our flexible leasing plans and take the first step towards enhancing your hospitality business with top-of-the-line equipment. Let's make your culinary and hospitality dreams a reality with the right tools in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Catering Equipment Leasing?

Catering Equipment Leasing is a flexible financial solution that enables hospitality businesses to acquire essential catering equipment without the need for a large upfront investment. Payments are spread over manageable monthly instalments, helping maintain cash flow.

How Does Catering Equipment Leasing Work?

In a Catering Equipment Leasing agreement, we purchase the required catering equipment and lease it to your business for a fixed period. You make regular payments during this term, with options available at the end, including lease continuation or equipment purchase.

What's the Typical Term for Catering Equipment Leasing?

Leasing terms for catering equipment generally range from 2 to 6 years. Depending on your specific needs, longer terms up to 7 or 10 years can be arranged, affecting monthly payments and total interest.

Should I Lease Catering Equipment or Buy It Outright?

Leasing offers a way to spread the cost over time, preserving cash flow for other business needs, whereas buying outright requires a substantial initial investment but eliminates ongoing lease payments.

What's the Difference Between Catering Equipment Leasing and Financing?

Leasing allows use of the equipment without ownership, ideal for short-term or evolving needs. Financing, on the other hand, is structured towards eventual ownership of the equipment.

What Types of Catering Equipment Can I Lease?

We offer leasing for a comprehensive range of catering equipment, including commercial ovens, refrigerators, cooking ranges, and more, suitable for various hospitality settings.

How Can Leasing Improve My Restaurant's Cash Flow?

Leasing alleviates the need for a down payment, offering predictable monthly payments. This arrangement helps in better budgeting and preserving working capital for other areas of your business.

Is Equipment Leasing Viable for New Hospitality Businesses?

Yes, leasing is often a more accessible option for start-ups compared to traditional loans. The leased equipment typically serves as collateral, reducing risk for the lender.

Are There Tax Benefits to Leasing Catering Equipment?

Lease payments can often be deducted from taxable profits, providing potential tax advantages for your business.

What Happens at the End of the Lease?

At the lease term's conclusion, you can opt to purchase the leased equipment, extend the lease, or upgrade to newer models, depending on your agreement terms.

Why Choose Us for Your Catering Equipment Leasing Needs?

  • Expertise in the hospitality sector.
  • Transparent and quick leasing process.
  • Competitive rates tailored to the hospitality industry.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Customised solutions to match your specific requirements.
  • Wide range of high-quality catering equipment options.

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