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What are Corporation Tax Loans?

Corporation tax is paid by UK limited companies as soon as they start making a profit. The amount of corporation tax a business is required to pay is calculated as a percentage of the taxable profits.

If you lack the working capital you need to meet your company tax liabilities, a corporation tax loan will protect your cash flow and enable you to fulfill your legal obligations.

How do I register for Corporation Tax?

When starting up a limited company, you’ll need to register for corporation tax within 3 months of your business starting to trade.

Details you’ll be asked to fill in include:

Company Name

Registration Number

Business Start Date

Main Address

Type of Business

Name And Home Addresses Of The Directors

What are the Benefits of Corporation Tax Loans?

There are many benefits associated with tax funding:

  • Tax bill is paid to HMRC deadline
  • Rolling Credit Facility
  • Avoid penalties and/or late payment fines
  • Improve company cash flow
  • Loan terms between 6 and 12 months

Does my business qualify for a Corporation Tax Loan?

To qualify for a tax loan, your business must be registered in the UK and have a trading history of at least twelve months.

You will also need to provide the following:

  • Copy of tax bill
  • Business bank account statements
  • Company accounts
  • Information about the directors of the business

What are your next steps?

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a corporate tax loan?

A corporation tax loan is used to help pay your business's annual corporation tax. Instead of paying one lump sum, corporation tax loans spread the total tax cost into manageable, fixed monthly installments.

How much does a corporation tax loan cost?

The cost of your loan will depend on your individual business requirements and financial shape, in some cases, you may need to provide a personal guarantee.

Can a corporation tax loan cover 100% of the tax due?

Yes, it is possible for a loan to cover 100% of the tax due.

Why Choose ELS for a Corporate Tax Loan?

  • Expertise in solving complex business finance challenges
  • Quick and transparent application process
  • Competitive industry rates
  • No hidden fees or surprises
  • Tailored solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Access to a variety of financial products

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