The ELS Lease Finance Franchise: Your Route to Earning a Six-Figure Income

Finance Franchise Opportunities

As our business grows at a phenomenal rate, we’ve decided to franchise the business to continue providing exceptional service and support to clients. We’re thrilled to offer you the chance to join us in a booming industry with the ELS franchise. Run your own finance franchise opportunity business from home and enjoy a high return on your investment with our 100% success-focused franchise offer. Our expert team and proprietary systems make running your business easy and straightforward, and our dedicated professionals are always available to assist, train, and support you.

The Benefits of the ELS Franchise

  • An established, proven, and differentiated business model
  • High income potential with a huge market
  • Work from home – no commercial office requirement
  • Full training and ongoing support
  • All deals processed centrally, saving you hours of paperwork
  • A protected territory to operate your business
Business Franchise Opportunity

What You Get with the ELS Franchise


At ELS, we’re strongly committed to your business success. Our franchise model is simple yet successful, providing you with the opportunity to work for yourself but not on your own. As you drive your own success and enjoy the rewards, we’ll be there supporting you every step of the way.


We prioritize your success by providing comprehensive training to help you build a solid foundation. Our operations manuals, compliance and training programs cover all areas of running a successful business, from marketing to accounting and technology. With our expert guidance, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to thrive.


We understand that dealing with finance can be a headache, which is why we’ve streamlined the process for you. All deals will be processed through Head Office, allowing you to focus on growing your business without worrying about paperwork. Our centralized system ensures that you can maximize your time and effort and achieve your business goals.

Why Choose a Lease Business Franchise?

According to the Finance Leasing Association (FLA), equipment leasing and asset finance are essential for businesses in the UK. The first half of 2022, following the pandemic, has seen an increase in demand for asset finance from SMEs, with lending to these businesses rising by 6% compared to the same period in 2021. In June, annual asset finance new business to SMEs reached £20.6 billion, 1% higher than the pre-pandemic peak. These figures indicate the importance of asset finance for businesses and highlight the potential for success with the ELS franchise.

Why is this the right Business Franchise for you?

The ELS franchise is a unique and lucrative opportunity for anyone looking to run their own business from home. With a proven and differentiated business model, high income potential, and a huge market, you can enjoy financial freedom and success. Additionally, you’ll receive full training and ongoing support, as well as the benefit of having all deals processed centrally, saving you time and hassle. With the demand for asset finance on the rise, the potential for success with the ELS franchise is even greater.

So if you’re ready to take control of your career and achieve your financial goals, get in touch with us today to learn more about this amazing opportunity!

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