Football Finance Solutions

Empowering Clubs to Play at Their Best, On and Off the Field

In the competitive world of football, every advantage counts. That's why ELS offers specialised Football Finance Solutions designed to keep your club ahead of the game, both on the pitch and in the books.

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Football Finance Solutions for UK & European Clubs

From player transfers to tax funding, discover a range of financial solutions tailored for football clubs. Navigate your club's financial challenges with ease and focus on what you do best - winning.

Receivables Financing

  • Sponsorship
  • Season Tickets
  • Player Transfers
  • Broadcasting Rights
Football Sponsorship Finance from ELS
Football Season Ticket Sales Finance and Funding from ELS
Football Player Tranfer Funding from ELS
Football Finance Broadcasting rights with ELS

Tax Funding (UK Only)

  • VAT Funding Plan
  • Football Club Corporation Tax
  • Self-Assessment Tax Funding for Players

Football Asset Finance & Loans

From upgrading your stadium's infrastructure to securing short-term liquidity, our Asset Finance & Loans options are designed to give your club the financial agility it needs to compete at the highest levels

  • EQUIPMENT FINANCE - Fund everything from floodlights and LED boards to turf machinery and solar PV.
  • LOANS - Opt for unsecured or secured loans with terms up to 6 years.
  • CASH ADVANCE - Boost your club's liquidity with advances against ongoing card transactions, repaid as a percentage of future sales.

Why Choose ELS for Your Football Finance?

  • Speed: Quick application and decision process to keep your club moving forward.
  • Expertise: Specialised financial solutions for the unique needs of football clubs.
  • Flexibility: Tailored repayment terms to suit your club's financial structure

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