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Thousands of businesses in the UK use equipment asset leasing & finance through to business loans to support their growth. How can we help you?

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Not only do we excel in providing Equipment Asset Leasing & Finance Solutions, our sister company bfls offer a huge range of business loans, VAT finance, Insurance, start up funding and Sharia Finance. Whatever your business needs, we’ve got you covered.

Types of Finance

There are four common methods of financing for UK business…

Asset Leasing

Equipment Asset Leasing is one of the most flexible ways for business to sustain themselves and grow with the latest equipment and removing the upfront cost. See our Leasing for Business Customers or our Leasing for Business Suppliers

Finance Lease (Lease Rental)

The Lease Rental agreement is our most popular agreement. With all payments 100% tax deductible and the added benefit of spreading the VAT over the term of the agreement, all customers benefit from this cost effective method of leasing.

Hire Purchase (Lease Purchase)

Under terms of a Lease Purchase agreement, all VAT is paid in advance and the customer claims capital allowances on the cash purchase of the equipment. At the end of lease, the title of the asset is automatically transferred to the customer.

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease is commonly known as an ‘off balance sheet’ method of funding. Popular in the public sector, an operating lease provides customers with 100% tax deductible rentals, with a residual value built into the agreement the customer can either return the equipment or pay fair market value for infinite use of the equipment.

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