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The ELS team is ready to help you find the right finance solution for your business. 

We pride ourselves on educating UK businesses just like yours on the options they have to lease, finance and fund their business to sustain grow and expand. Each business is unique and it's crucial to have someone you can trust to guide you through that chapter of your story. 

For us ELS means Enquire. Listen. Solve. 

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ELS: Supporting Our Community

Sports provisions for young people with disabilities

A charity dedicated to supporting children and young people with disabilities. Through the Menphys Sport Club, we are able to contribute to creating inclusive sporting opportunities for all.

Supporters of Lamp Business Club
Passionate about mental health

Supporting individuals with mental health challenges. Lamp’s Business Club allows us to contribute to a cause that’s close to our hearts, ensuring that everyone has the support they need to overcome mental health issues.

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