Illuminating Efficiency: How Schools Lead the Way in LED Lighting Equipment Leasing

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LED Lighting Equipment Leasing

In today’s climate of business energy costs and the environmentally conscious world, schools and businesses are increasingly turning to energy-efficient solutions. Using a leasing facility to acquire LED Lighting, in particular, is known for the remarkable savings it can generate immediately as well as being sustainable.

But can it work for your school or business?

Can it really save you money? What about the upfront costs?

Let’s take a look at two case studies from ELS, involving a grammar primary school in Co. Antrim and a multi-academy trust in Manchester, which demonstrate the tremendous benefits of LED Lighting Equipment Leasing solutions.

Case Study 1: A Primary School’s Path to Sustainability in Co. Antrim

A primary school in Co. Antrim faced a common challenge: high energy costs coupled with outdated lighting systems. Committed to both improving their learning environment and reducing their environmental impact, the school explored innovative solutions to address these issues.

The Challenge:

  • The school needed to upgrade its lighting to improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Being environmentally conscious, they aimed to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Financial constraints required a solution with no upfront costs.

The Solution:

  • ELS facilitated a 7-year school operating lease for state-of-the-art LED lighting, requiring no upfront cost.
  • The new LED system promised to cut electricity usage for lighting by 58%.

The Outcome:

  • The school achieved a substantial improvement in light quality and learning environment.
  • Annual energy costs were reduced by over £24,000.
  • A remarkable reduction of 336 tonnes in carbon emissions was projected over the next 5 years.
  • Over a 10-year period, the school is set to generate savings of over £310,655, making the investment significantly cash positive throughout the term.

Case Study 2: A Multi Academy Trust’s Eco-friendly Leap in Manchester

A multi-academy trust in Manchester, encompassing four schools, faced the dual challenge of improving their sustainability credentials and enhancing their learning environment. As an environmentally conscious group, they sought a solution that would make a real difference.

The Challenge:

  • The trust sought to reduce energy use and carbon footprint across all its schools.
  • They needed a solution that would align with their commitment to sustainability.
  • Minimising disruption during the installation process was crucial.

The Solution:

  • ELS provided a 5-year school operating lease for LED lighting, with no upfront cost.
  • The LED upgrade was strategically planned to ensure minimal impact on school activities.

The Outcome:

  • The quality of lighting across the schools was significantly enhanced.
  • The trust achieved a 63% reduction in lighting costs, leading to savings of £251,005 over ten years.
  • A notable reduction of 560 tonnes in carbon emissions was realized.
  • The investment is projected to yield savings of over £251,005 over a decade, affirming the trust’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Your school or business can also benefit

These case studies demonstrate how tailored leasing solutions from ELS not only offer immediate financial benefits but also contribute to long-term sustainability goals. By adopting energy-efficient LED lighting, schools and businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs while improving their learning and trading environments.

Benefits of Leasing LED Lighting

Leasing LED lighting offers several advantages:

  • Immediate Cost Savings: LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, significantly reducing energy bills​​.
  • Longer Lifespan: LED bulbs last much longer than traditional bulbs, reducing maintenance costs​​.
  • Environmental Impact: LED lights are environmentally friendly, consuming less electricity and reducing carbon footprint​​.
  • Financial Flexibility: Leasing LED lighting can be cash positive, where the savings generated are greater than the lease payments​​.

Why Schools and Businesses Should Consider LED Leasing

  • No Upfront Costs: Leasing eliminates the need for a large initial investment.
  • Tailored Agreements: Finance options like those provided by ELS can be customised to suit the needs of each organisation.
  • Supporting Sustainability Goals: LED leasing contributes to environmental sustainability, aligning with the values of many institutions.
  • Tax Incentives: Some energy-efficient leasing options offer tax benefits.


The case studies of the grammar primary school and the multi-academy trust demonstrate the transformative impact of leasing LED lighting. Schools and businesses looking to reduce costs, enhance their environmental footprint, and embrace energy efficiency should consider LED leasing as a viable option. Of course it doesn’t stop at LED Lighting. You can also lease other energy efficient equipment such as Solar PV, Battery Storage, Biomass Boilers, Heat Pumps and so much more!

Why not get in touch and let’s have a chat about your school and business and what you would like to achieve? Call us on 0116 389 3839.

The Final Word

Remember, every financial decision should be made with a full understanding of the options and implications for your business. With the insights provided in this blog, you’re now better equipped to evaluate Energy Leasing Options a strategic financial resource for your business or school’s future.

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