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As a small business owner, you understand how important it is to quickly and economically obtain, upgrade or replace the equipment you need to perform your daily tasks. Purchasing equipment outright can put substantial strain on your cash flow, but equipment financing can be a good solution to keep your business functioning at its best or even to expand to meet increasing demand.

How does equipment finance work?

Equipment finance involves your business taking out a finance agreement, which is used to acquire assets or equipment. The business then makes repayments over a period of time, during which it has possession and use of the assets. This style of finance allows businesses to manage cashflow by spreading out the costs of expensive equipment, which it may eventually own once the funds are repaid.

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Here are some examples of the type of equipment small businesses commonly finance:

There are generally five different types of asset finance available:

Office Furniture

Air Conditioning

Computers / Laptops

Phones / Smartphones



Photocopiers / Printers



Coffee Machines

Benefits of Financing your Equipment

  • Significant Tax Benefits
    Rentals are 100% allowable against Corporation Tax
  • Totally Flexible
    You decide the rental term, payment frequency and deposit. You can even settle early or upgrade before the end of the agreement.
  • Pay While You Use It
    Pay for the equipment as you use it, as opposed to all upfront.
  • Preserve Cash Flow
    Keep your cash in the business to spend on items with higher returns
  • Makes Budgeting Easier
    Fixed repayments over the rental period makes budgeting and planning easier.
  • Preserve Your Existing Lines Of Credit
    Your existing credit lines remain unaffected.

How long can you finance equipment?

Typically, businesses can finance equipment for as little as a year and for longer periods of up to seven years. The length of the agreement will depend on what type of equipment is being financed.

Leasing vs buying equipment

By now, you’re probably thinking: should my business buy equipment or finance it instead? Again, this will depend heavily on the nature of your business and the equipment it needs. But there are important points to keep in mind.

If you operate in an industry where technology and equipment change rapidly, financing may be a better way to keep up with the latest tools. More importantly, it helps your business reduce upfront costs, while allowing it to invest the cash it would have used to purchase equipment into other areas of the business, such as recruitment, marketing, training, or product development.

Get the office equipment you need

We offer a wide range of tailored, specialist financial solutions for all businesses and we want to hear about your business needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

LEase finance - asset finance - EQUIPMENT LEASING - HIRE PURCHASE

What is Lease Finance?

Lease Finance is a financial arrangement that allows you to acquire the equipment you need without a hefty upfront cost. Instead, the cost is spread over manageable monthly payments, freeing up your capital for other business needs.

How Does Lease Finance Work?

In a typical Lease Finance agreement, ELS purchases the asset you require and leases it to you for a predetermined period. You make monthly payments for the duration of the term, after which you have various options, including continuing the lease or purchasing the asset.

What's the Typical Length of Lease Finance?

Lease Finance agreements usually last between 2 to 6 years. However, there are special cases where the term can extend up to 7 or even 10 years. The length of the term affects both your monthly payments and the total interest payable.

Lease Finance vs. Buying Outright?

While buying outright eliminates interest costs, it also requires a significant initial investment. Lease Finance allows you to spread these costs over time, preserving your cash flow for operational expenses and potential growth opportunities.

What Types of Equipment Can I Finance?

From energy-efficient technology to office equipment, ELS offers Lease Finance solutions across a wide range of sectors. Whether you're in education, energy, or any other industry, we've got you covered.

Is Lease Finance Suitable for Start-Ups?

Absolutely. Lease Finance is often more accessible for start-ups than traditional business loans. The asset itself serves as security, reducing the lender's risk and making it a more viable financing option.

Are There Tax Benefits to Lease Finance?

Yes, Lease Finance payments can usually be deducted from company profits before calculating tax, offering you potential tax advantages.

Why Choose ELS for Lease Finance?

  • Expertise in solving complex business finance challenges
  • Quick and transparent application process
  • Competitive industry rates
  • No hidden fees or surprises
  • Tailored solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Access to a variety of financial products
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