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Plug those cash flow gaps, quickly and easily.

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What Is Short-term Invoice Financing?

There are two types of short term invoice financing.  You can finance the invoices you issue so you don't need to wait for payment or you can finance invoices you have to pay - for stock, supplies.., well almost anything you need for your business.

With Short-term Invoice Financing you can protect your cashflow in a simple, fast process designed for your business needs. Get up to 90% of your invoice value in as little as 24 hours.

Financing Your Business Purchases

Whether you're stocking up on supplies, upgrading equipment, or covering service costs, our financing solutions provide the flexibility to manage your expenditures smartly. Secure the assets you need to keep your business thriving, with the option to spread costs over time.

Short Term Invoice Financing from ELS
Short Term Invoice Financing from ELS
Short Term Invoice Financing from ELS
Short Term Invoice Financing from ELS

Why Choose Invoice Financing?

  • Get Cash Fast: Improve your cash flow without the wait.
  • Stay in Control: You decide which invoices to finance.
  • Grow Your Business: Use the cash to take on new opportunities.
  • Easy Process: Simple application, quick turnaround.

How It Works

  • Financing your outgoing invoices
  • Invoice Your Client: Complete your sale as usual.
  • Get in Touch with ELS: Show us the unpaid invoice.
  • Receive Your Funds: It really can be that easy.
  • Financing your incoming invoices
  • Receive Your Supplier InvoiceSend it to us.
  • Get in Touch with ELS: Simple application.
  • Pay Over TimeChoose your term.

Get in touch and see if Short Term Invoice Financing is right for your business


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Common Questions, Straightforward Answers

Can my business benefit from short-term invoice financing?

Absolutely. If your business issues invoices and faces cash flow gaps waiting for payments, you can benefit by getting an advance on the invoice amounts. Similarly, if your business receives invoices for operational costs like stock or equipment, you can benefit from financing those to free up working capital. It's ideal for maintaining a fluid cash flow in both scenarios

Is it better than a bank loan?

In many ways, yes. Short-term invoice financing is a faster, more flexible solution that can provide funds within 24 hours without the extensive paperwork or long-term debt commitments associated with bank loans. Plus, it adapts to your needs, offering advances for both receivables and payables.

Will my customers know about it?

The choice is yours. Confidential financing options allow you to keep your financial arrangements private. This applies to both advancing funds on issued invoices and financing the ones you’re charged with, ensuring discretion in all your financial dealings.

What will it cost me?

We pride ourselves on transparent, competitive pricing. Costs are discussed upfront for both receivables and payables financing, ensuring there are no surprises. Fees will vary based on the amount financed, the term, and your business's financial health.

What types of businesses can use invoice financing?

Our services are suited for a wide range of UK businesses—from manufacturers to tech startups. Any business that has a B2B invoicing model can use our financing for both issuing and receiving invoices, as long as they meet our eligibility criteria.

Where can I find out more about invoice financing?

Our comprehensive resource guide offers detailed insights into invoice financing. Read our comprehensive resource guide HERE  

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