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VAT Loans

VAT bills are unavoidable and can cause major issues to your business cash flow. Receiving an unexpected bill or finding you owe more than you anticipated, only adds to the pressure of running your own business.

If you lack the working capital you need to meet your company VAT liabilities, we can help with VAT finance. Whether you have missed your payment deadline or are due to pay your bill, a VAT loan will protect your cash flow and enable you to fulfill your legal obligations.

What is a VAT Loan?

A VAT loan is a short-term finance solution that is used by businesses to pay their quarterly VAT bills by the HMRC deadline date.

The VAT bill is paid directly to HMRC by the finance provider which you then repay in monthly installments.

What are the benefits of using VAT loans?

There are many benefits to using VAT loans:

Improve Cash Flow

Avoid large upfront costs

Protect existing lines of credit

Tax benefits

  • How much does a VAT Loan cost?
    The cost of your VAT loan will depend on your individual business requirements and financial shape, in some cases, you may need to provide a personal guarantee.
  • Can a VAT loan be used to cover 100% of the VAT bill?
    Yes, it is possible for VAT loan to cover 100% of a VAT bill.

Does my business qualify for VAT finance?

To qualify for a VAT loan, your business must be registered in the UK and have a trading history of at least twelve months.

You will also need to provide the following:

Copy of VAT bill

Business bank account statements

Company accounts

Information about the directors of the business

Let's make your VAT manageable

Let's have a chat about your business and what you need to protect your cashflow to sustain and grow your business.  Call us on 0116 389 3839 or complete our form. 

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