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Vehicle Technology, With fuel costs continuously rising, operators in the transport industry are constantly looking to implement measures to reduce the costs. Our solutions can allow you to invest in the latest technology.

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Vehicle Tracking

There are many benefits to companies installing vehicle tracking such as:

  • Reducing operating expenses – a tracking system will allow you to choose the best and shortest routes for your vehicles which in turn will help you reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs.
  • Reduced insurance costs – insurance companies provide reduced premiums for vehicles fitted with a tracker.
  • Optimize resources – tracking solutions allow you to monitor your vehicles and get detailed insights on fuel usage, driver behaviour, engine idling, etc. in real time. This data enables you to utilise your resources effectively and identify key money-saving areas.

By investing in this technology through a finance facility, operators can realise the savings immediately which in turn offsets the cost of the finance.

Vehicle CCTV

Vehicles are often one of the most expensive assets within a business and by investing the range of new safety technology, operators can safeguard these assets.

The implementation of CCTV cameras covering the whole of the vehicle & mobile device recording systems is proven to reduce the number of accidents, improve driver behaviour and are crucial in defending firms against drive offense allegations.

Additionally, insurance companies are increasingly demanding that these are part of fleet policies as they speed up claim resolution and protect against false claims.

With an example system costing around £20 per month per vehicle on a lease agreement its proving to be a very cost-effective way to ensure the safety of the fleet and reduce costs.

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